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My holiday disaster

Although I work in the centre of London, I really like spending some time in the mountains. Last winter, I decided to spend a week in Scotland. I wanted to go skiing and walking in the mountains. I looked on the internet and booked a cottage (a small house) for a week. One Friday night last November, I packed my bags, went to Heathrow airport, and waited to get on a plane to Inverness.

That is when all the problems started. The plane didnt leave that night. There was a lot of snow in Scotland and they closed Inverness airport. So I spent the night in Heathrow. I drank tea and read a lot of newspapers. I tried to sleep but I wasnt comfortable. The next morning, Inverness airport opened again, and we arrived in Scotland. But my bags werent there.

I hired a car and drove to the cottage. It was a twenty-minute drive from the airport. When I arrived, there was a family with two little children in the cottage! They booked on the internet, toofor the same week. The family was very kind. They said I could sleep in the lounge, and they cooked dinner for me.

Next day, I got my bags from the airport and decided to go skiing. But the mountain road was closed because of the snow. I didnt ski and I didnt go walking in the mountains. I spent the week in the cottage waiting to go homeit wasnt my favourite holiday!



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