Gap-fill exercise

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Six million years ago the Earth became hotter and it contributed to the disappearance of forests. In Africa, some primates started to evolve in order to adapt to the new weather conditions and be able to survive in a hostile environment . These first primates didn´t have a good physical condition but through the time they were able to organize into tribes and hunt. These were the first that became human being . The is the evolutionary process that results in the present human being. It was a very long and slow process

Australopithecus : These hominids appeared about four million years ago in South Africa (for example Lucy,” grandmother of humanity”. They were and similar to chimpanzes.

Homo habilis : Appeared in Africa two million years ago. Their name “habilis” means skillful because they made stone tools. They lived form hunting and gathering

Homo erectus : First appeared one and a half million years ago and had the ability to walk fully . Probably they survived by hunting wild animals and gathering plants for food. They were the first species to use fire and migrate to Europe and Asia.

Homo antecessor : They were the oldest human remains in Europe and appeared one million years ago. They lived in Atapuerca, Spain. They could have practiced .

Homo sapiens neanderthalensis : These early men lived in Germany one hundred and fifty thousand years ago, but later moved to Central Asia and later to the Middle East. They were the first species to their dead . It seems they were able to speak and developed specialized tools.

Homo sapiens sapiens : Our species appeared in Africa one hundred and thirty thousand years ago. Their physical appearance , volume and complex brain are the same as the current human being. They were able to make clothing and tools. These modern humans developed the ability to interact with other human beings. They also created art.