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Title:Anna NicAonghais (2)
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Summary:Part of the Stòras Beò nan Gàidheal project in which the UHI Language Sciences Institute with Sabhal Mòr Ostaig and Soillse, together with Irish partners, record the natural speech of Irish and Scottish Gaelic speakers in their own communities with user-friendly equipment and techniques. Here, in the second part, Anna and Maggie talk about changes in local culture. Noting that change and development are natural, Anne regrets the loss of local distinctiveness in Gaelic speech. The musical culture is strong. The link with the language should be upheld. There have been various sources of employment, including offshore as well as at the hospital or with the council, plus the nearby pharmaceuticals factory and the community-owned visitor centre. Visitors have included royalty. The community hall offers a local focus. She remembers some of her grandmother's special words, and reflects on the value of having relations all around. It's important to value what's past, including local songs, as life goes on.
Language notes:A two-way conversation in which Maggie Smith questions Anna MacInnes on her recollections and opinions on growing up on the Isle of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides.
CEFR level:C2 (55)
Word count:3901
Media:video (19:35)
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