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Title:Lærlingevittigheder / Apprentice Jokes
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Summary:The video starts with an interview of three electrician’s apprentices who tell about a video they have produced. During the video the apprentices tell about their Danish studies as part of their education. The students’ video shows a first day’s apprentice and some jokes that are pulled on him.
Language notes:Colloquial language. Use of swear words, e.g. for Fanden (by the devil) frequently used by young Danish people. Most Danish swear words are related to religion. The jokes are related to possible misinterpretation of words some cannot be properly translated as they are built on double meanings in Danish. Some explanations below: Kabeltrækker – cable layer Knofedt – elbow grease (in Danish “knuckle” grease) Skydelære – sliding gauge (In Danish “shooting” gauge)
CEFR level:A2 (15)
Word count:744
Media:video ( 5:59)
Created:2013-01-04 12:17:49 UT
Changed:2020-09-27 07:40:44 UT
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