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Title:Geometrical Optics: refraction and reflection
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Summary:This CLIL unit called “Geometrical Optics: refraction and reflection” which is included in the block content called “The Elecytromagnetic and Visible Spectra”is a part of the school curriculum of Science and Technology of “Batxillerat”in “Comunitat Valenciana”, in accordance with the Decree 110/2008, 15th July. This topic covers the properties of different types of waves, being focused, overall, on refraction and total internal reflection of electromagnetic waves, such us light and their laws. It would be interesting if this topic, which includes many opportunities to develop experimental skills and techniques on our students of second grade of “Batxillerat”, was studied by exploring applications of waves, for example, applications in medical physics or applications in music.
Language notes:The language used is easy to understand. Only one phrasal ver appears within the video. The students can extract some keywords such as: refraction, total reflection, indexes and Snell´s law.
CEFR level:A2 (15)
Word count:1181
Media:video ( 4:02)
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