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Title:Norman Maclean on Monday: Sinnsireachd
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Summary:“Every Gael knows who he is.” Norman talks about his genealogy, on both sides of the family, and how these family networks played an important part in his early upbringing in Glasgow, Lochaber, and Benbecula. He has clear memories of his paternal grandfather teaching him songs, a man who himself won a prize for Gaelic singing at the Falkirk Tryst of 1878. His maternal grandmother, meanwhile, migrated to Glasgow from North Uist and never learned to speak English, functioning socially just within the Gaelic-speaking community of Glasgow of that time. Norman reflects on how community relations were experienced from different perspectives in his childhood.
Language notes:Unscripted conversational Gaelic, with occasional quotations from the verses of songs.
CEFR level:C2 (55)
Word count:4896
Media:video (38:33)
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