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Title:Video rent
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Summary:A student comes to one of the video rents. She has to write a course paper ‘The great names of history’ for her studies and she needs some historical film. The employee at the video rent recommends her a video. She also helps her choose a movie for the weekend
Language notes:The language used in the dialogue reflects the peculiarities of the spoken Lithuanian language that do not correspond to the standard Lithuanian language. For instance, the accentuation of some words in the dialogue is incorrect. The usage of the word “Na” (‘well’) instead of a word of affirmation should be avoided at the beginning of the sentence.
CEFR level:B1 (25)
Word count:152
Media:video ( 1:29)
Created:2014-04-28 18:21:49 UT
Changed:2014-04-28 18:21:49 UT
Licence: Creative Commons BY-SA
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