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Title:Looking for job
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Summary:Two friends meet after a long time. One of them is in a big trouble. He can’t find a job. He has no money. The friend offers to help find a job and suggests to have a look at some job advertisements in the newspapers and to surf the net. After a successful talk to a possible employer, the future seems much brighter.
Language notes:The language, used in the dialogue, corresponds to the B1 level. The two students speak colloquial/ informal language, while the conversation with an employer is more formal, though some colloquialisms have not been avoided.
CEFR level:B1 (25)
Word count:256
Media:video ( 3:44)
Created:2014-04-28 18:07:08 UT
Changed:2014-04-28 18:07:08 UT
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