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Summary:Two young men meet in front of the main building of Kaunas College. One of them appears to be a student of this college and the other one is a school leaver willing to study here. The school leaver is not sure which study programme to choose. The student shows him around the college and takes to a consultant. The consultant explains him about the possible study programmes at the college. The school leaver is helped to make his choice and he goes to fill in the application form. Some statistics on the applicants and students’ numbers is provided at the end of the video.
Language notes:The language of the dialogue is a little bit more complicated. It includes both everyday phrases and some ‘educational’ expressions. It includes the use of both general and special questions, Present Indefinite, Past Indefinite, Present Perfect tenses and subjunctive mood.
CEFR level:B1 (25)
Word count:221
Media:video ( 2:37)
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