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Title:I have bought a computer
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Summary:A student buys a computer but he does not know how to connect it. He phones a friend and asks for help. The friend is eager to help, but his attempt also ends in failure. One more friend is invited to help. He shows and explains the two friends how to connect the computer.
Language notes:Questions and answers, basic vocabulary related to the theme of the film. The language includes some slang and a number of barbarisms, which are borrowed from the English language. Such words are put into quotation marks in the dialogues, as their usage is incorrect. For example, instead of saying ‘kompiuteris’, the people tend to shorten the word and say ‘kompas’. They use barbarisms, such as ‘keibordas’ (= klaviatūra) or ‘mausas’ (= pelė), which are simply English words ‘keyboard’ and ‘mouse’ with a Lithuanian ending. This tendency is especially strong among computer programmers and students who study computer science. It is hard to provide the translation of such words into English, as the English word or a shortened English word with a Lithuanian ending is used. The linguists try to fight the problem by creating and suggesting the Lithuanian equivalents but quite a lot of them sound inappropriate and funny to the speakers and do not find the way to the usage in everyday language.
CEFR level:B1 (25)
Word count:314
Media:video ( 4:53)
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