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This is a Clilstore unit. You can link all words to dictionaries.

Animals and habitats

Introduction: Who lives here?

The animals are lost! You have to find its places!


  • The teacher will put you in group.  You will learn about animals and its habitats.
  • You will make a poster showing the animals in its world place.
  • You will present it to the class when it is finished. 


  • discover and learn the names of animals:
    • Listen to the song and discover the names of animals:
The teacher will put you in group. You will choose a picture and learn the names of the animals. Present the animals to the class.

    •  :

      • The teacher will mix the group, practise the names of the animals by playing this game:

In your group, watch the video, answer the questions and choose you favorite animal, tell us why that is your favorite animal:

  • Listen and learn some things about the differents habitats of animals:

  • In group, choose the good habitat for each animal:
    • Remember the name of each habitat:

  • recognize some elements of each habitat:

Evaluation: In group, listen the characteristics of each place  with this map.

Work on the poster together:

Take a poster

Listen the charcateristics of each place with the map below.

Put the animals on the good place: you have to discuss why you choose this place. 

Present it to the class when it is finished. 

  • Both of you must say something in English while presenting the poster. 
  • Practice the presentation before it is your turn to present. 




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