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This is a Clilstore unit. You can link all words to dictionaries.




 In this unit you will learn 

* what recycling means.

* what everyday items can be recycled

* what happens to them after they are collected

* how you can recycle at home.


Lots of everyday items can be recycled. There are also those items that can't be recycled.

These items have to be put in a trash can when they can't be used anymore.

Task 1. Watch a video to learn more about recycling and see what items can be recycled. Click on the green button below. "Task 1"
Task 2.  Wordsearch. Find words related to recycling and waste. Green button "Task 2".
Task 3. I can recycle. Can you recycle these items? Green button " Task 3".

Task 4. How do you recycle at home? Ask your parents if you are not sure.

Give a few examples how you recycle at home. Write your ideas in your notebook. 

How could you recycle more efficiently at home?  


Click on the stars below the recycling bins to see what other items can be recycled.



Task 5. What happens to the recycled items after they are collected? Watch a video and answer questions that appear during the video. Green button " Task 5". 

Extra task: More information on how you can recycle more and better at home. 

Evaluation: See rubrik below. (Click green button.)



Clilstore Task 1 VideoTask 2. WordsearchTask 3. I can recycleTask 5.Extra taskRubric

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