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Animals in Winter


Winter is coming. Do you like winter?

What do you do in the winter? Have you ever thought about what animals do in the winter?

You will now be a detective.

You will find out what animals do in the winter. 


The teacher will put you in pairs.  You will choose an animal from a hat and learn about what this animal does in winter. You will:

1. Make a poster.

Requirements for poster: 

  • General information about the animal.
  • Information about what the animal does in winter. 
  • Pictures of the animal and it's home.

2. Create a craft project of this animal's home. You can use any materials you want. 

3. Present it to the class when it is finished. 

  • Both of you must say something in English while presenting the poster. 
  • Practice the presentation before it is your turn to present. 

This is what you will do together:

1. Watch the video 1.  (Green button 1) Write down information  about your animal from  the video in Finnish or English on the paper your teacher gave you. 

2.  Practise the name of animals in English by playing this game.

3.   Do you remember which animals hibernate? Let's practice. Do this activity. 



4. Play this game to learn how to ask and answer questions about animals.     



5. Watch this video to get more information for your poster. Write anything you learned on your paper. 


6.  Practice repeating words in English : green button-Words 7.  

  • Click on learn.
  • Listen to the name of the animal and repeat it in English.
  • Choose the correct answer in Finnish. 

7. Look at the mind map from the green button. 

8. Choose your animal from the green buttons below and find more information for your poster.

  *Work on the poster together. 

Decide who will:

  • look for or draw pictures
  • who will write

9. Create your craft project together. 

  • Make the animal out of clay.
  • Make the home for the animal to hibernate or live in during the winter. 



Evaluation Click on the Green Assessment button.
Conclusion Wow! You are a great detective! 
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