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Practical cases (U1)

Read the cases and identify what type of language disorder they suffer from and what characteristics define it.

Case 1:

Juan is a three-year-old boy who has a big tongue that also causes hypersalivation. He has difficulties in the pronunciation of some phonemes since the mobility of the oro-facial praxis is compromised.


Case 2:

Alicia is a woman who works in a call-center. She goes to a speech therapist with a report from the otorhinolaryngology service which shows that she has nodules on the vocal cords.


Case 3:

Andrés suffered a stroke during an operation. After this operation, the intonation, rhythm and fluency of his speech, as well as the articulation of the words are correct, however he says words without meaning and shows difficulty in repeating those that the doctor tells him.


Case 4:

Lorenzo suffers from amyotrophic lateral sclerosis without orofacial anatomical involvemen,. What he says is understandable although his pace is slow and he needs many pauses to breathe


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