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Scribes and Artificial Intelligence



  • You will understand the importance of formal education
  • Who were scribes?
  • What do you know about AI?


You will discuss differences between past and present schools.

You will learn about the possible future school.

You will design an ideal future school for your children.

Clic on the linked words or use green buttons at the bottom of the page to do the tasks


Step 1

  • List 3 differences between the past and present schooling system 
  • Discuss your ideas with your friend
  • Write them into the shared document (Google Disc)

  • Do some exercises


Step 2

  • Read the text about ancient times.
  • Answer the questions: How did they teach? What did they learn?

Mesopotamian education largely centered around literacy. This could be said for nearly any culture, but it was particularly true for the difficult of the written language. In the 3rd millennium, cuneiform writing became quite complex. It took 12 years to learn the cuneiform marks and the general knowledge of scribes. Temples established schools in which to educate boys as scribes and priests. At first, scribal schools were aligned with the temples, but gradually secular schools took over. Established scribes opened schools and charged costly tuition.

Step 3

Mediaeval times

Read the first 4 parts of the text and fill the gaps



Step 4

What would you like to change in the system? What's good or bad about it?


  • pupils
  • teachers
  • subjects
  • place

Watch the film to get the idea of AI 

Discus and write the "bad things" into your notebook.

Step 5

Listen to the story.

What's the role of a computer in it? Discus with your friends.



Step 6

How to be rich? Watch the video


Analyze schooling systems and plan a new one for future generations. Work in a group of 4.
You can write 10 sentences or draw a picture of the ideal future school.





Now you know facts about the history of education, the differences and their importance so you will be able do decide on your own learning aims andcareer and learn what you really need

Teacher's notes

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