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LLG-2-39 Screeuyn gys John Kewley 1

Purt Çhiarn yn nuyoo laa as feed jeh Mee veanagh yn tourey 1906.

My charrey deyr,¹

Ta mish geearree dy çhyndaa booise diu son cooinaghtyn orrym ayns traa dy feme, son cha vel mee jannoo monney dy obbyr. Ta my yuntyn cha lane dy phianyn as ta mee failleil cour yn traa. Ny-yeih ta lane oyr aym dy ve booisal da Jee son ooilley e vyghin, son she liorish grayse ta mee tayrn my ennal. Ta mee gennaghtyn yn traa feer liauyr as ta mee dy mennick screeu padjeryn as arraneyn spyrrydoil dy chur shaghey yn traa. Ta’n gioot ta shiu er choyrt hym er jeet ayns traa feer femoil.

Tra ta’n earish aalin as çheh t’eh jannoo gerjagh dou agh cha vel monney taitnys aym ayns earish fliugh. Ga dy vel mee piandagh ny cheayrtyn, ny-yeih ta’n traa goll dy siyragh. Ta shin er scughey voish Purt le Moirrey gys Purt Çhiarn jerkal dy yannoo ny share. Ta mee gaase skee jeh rouail noon as noal son cha vel mee abyl shooyl myr va mee ayns bleeantyn t’er gholl shaghey. Ta my inneen fargagh ny cheayrtyn son nagh vel mee cur monney cooney jee. Agh ta mee eginit dy chummal my hengey son cha voddym jannoo ny share. Ta mee nish cur seose dy screeu ny smoo ec yn traa t’ayn as cur gura mie mooar diu.

Dy firrinagh lhiuish,

Edward Faragher.

¹ John Kewley (1860-1941) was vicar of Arbory from 1891 to 1912, and rector of Andreas and archdeacon between 1912 and 1938. ‘He was an encyclopaedia of Manx history, folklore, civil and ecclesiastical usages, antiquities and language. His learning was never paraded, but his knowledge and advice were available to all. He was [a] man of very simple tastes and was equally at home with scholars or with people on the farms of Arbory and Andreas… He undoutedly learned much folklore when visiting his people, with whom he could converse in Manx. He revived Manx services at which he preached himself. Until the end of his life he firmly believed that the Manx language would survive’ (Gelling 1998: 184). He was a good friend of Faragher’s, and the stories and reminiscences in this volume were written down for him.
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