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A Machine For the Future

I went to visit my friend, who is a professor, because he wanted to show me something. ‘Come in.’ He said. ‘Come and see what I have made. It’s amazing!’ He showed me a strange machine which looked like a rubbish bin with long arms and bright lights. ‘This machine is the technology of the future. I’m going to be rich!’ said the professor. ‘Let me show you what it can do.’ He turned it on and told the machine to start cleaning the house. It moved very quickly but it didn’t break anything. ‘Wow,’ I said, ‘it’s very clever. Does it just clean?’ ‘ Of course not!’ replied the professor, ‘What would you like to eat ?’ I thought about it and said , ‘I’d like a hamburger with lots of cheese.’ The professor told the robot what to do and the robot stopped cleaning the house. It turned the TV on for us and went into the kitchen. After twenty minutes the robot brought me a hamburger. It was the best hamburger I have ever eaten. ‘You’re going to be rich,’ I said to my friend. ‘This machine is fantastic.’ ‘Yes,’ said the professor ‘and I made it; I’m very proud of myself!’

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