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My day at Ha Long Bay - blog entry

Hello from Vịnh Hạ Long (or Ha Long Bay)! I am here with my mum, uncle, aunts and cousins. The bay belongs to Hạ Long City in Quảng Ninh Province. There are thousands of limestone karsts (it has an area of around 1,550 km2). It was listed by UNESCO in 1994 and it was officially named as one of New Seven Natural Wonders of the world and that’s pretty dope, right? The only pain in the you-know-where is the weather here, it’s burning hot and muggy, I was sweating 24/7 (nice information for you).

We arrived just yesterday so my grandmother was worrying about us. I hope that I won’t get sick because in a few days I’ll go to Hà Nội. But it was okay and the next day I was looking fresh and fly like this →(; ̄д ̄). It took us about 3 hours to get here, we travelled by a car.

Guess what, I found out that one of my cousins is also an ARMY (= BTS’s fan). She is my serendipity (she even has a T-shirt with Hobi the Flower!!!).

We jumped (not really) on a boat and sailed to an isle (there are a lot of them). We explored the limestone karsts and a cave. Everything seemed so unreal for me, it was gorgeous. It was so serene (let’s ignore the loud tourists) there and I felt calm and happy to be there. Bonus: I almost fell in the cave because it was so wet.

After that we went to a restaurant and ate some sea food. SO GOOD.

There is an amusement park near the bay so my cousins and I are going there. They’re both hilarious so I know we are going to have a good time! *hopes that none of us will throw up*

I love every thing about Việt Nam and I am glad that we are staying here for 2 weeks!

If yoy want to know more about Ha Long Bay click here



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