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Four seasons in Slovakia


seasons -

The intention of this lesson is for the students to compare the four seasons in Slovakia. By the studying the similarities and diffrences of the four season, the students will be able to name  them in the correct order, describe them and their effect  on  humans.  


weather and seasons -

In their webquest, you will be researching the features of the four seasons according to the pictures.

You will follow instructions on the process page.

You will folow the links provided to the websides and pages.

You will watch  a short video with a characteristic of  each season. / video /

You will learn  new vocabulary and new phrases.. / game 1,2 /

You will work in groups to create a poster.



The 4 seasons -

1. Look at the pictures at whiteboard - find differences in nature. Discuss about  this pictures. 

What colour is typical for a particular picture?

What   common  features are there? 

What differences are there? / flowers, snow, colourfull leaves, green grass/

2.Watch the video and review  the phraces related to weather and activities. 

3.You will play the games.

Match the name of the season to the picture.

Listen to the name of the season and match to the picture.

Match the weather words to the pictures.

Listen to the weather words and match to the pictures.

Look at the picture, write the name of the seasons.

4. Click the green button - puzzle. Click on the words which belong to the season.

5. Choose the appropriate name of the seasons according to the questions. /Worksheet/

6. Look at the mindmap on the whiteboard, read and think of your favourite season, ask me only two words, if you don't understand.

7. You will work in group of four. You will be grouped according to your favourite season, you will have a card with a text about your favourite season. Draw everything, what you have read. /Poster/

8. Sing a song about season, look at the teacher and repeat gestures with her.






Word Cloud seasons and weather -


The four seasons

Evaluate yourself, choose one of these possibilities in every row.






All informations were clearly presented.

All informations were quiet clearly presented.

All informations were presented, but I need some improvement.

Used English during the lesson

The language was used correctly.

The language was used correctly only with small mistakes.

The language was used, but I need to improve.

Making a Project

The Project is very creative.

The Project is quiet creative.

The Project is done, but needs some improvement.

IT competences

IT competences were used without problems.

IT competences were used with small problems.

IT competences were used, but I need to improve.

Work in groups on the Project

Cooperation in groups was without problems.

Cooperation in groups was with some small problems.

Cooperation was in our group, but we need to improve.






Spring! -

At the end tell us your own opinion. What season do you prefer? Why? You can also discuss.


Winter -

Learning vocabulary - seasons (Summer, Spring, Autumn. Winter), weather ( It's snowing, raining, it's foggy...)

Grammar questions with present simple.

Improvement of this abilities: reading, writing, speaking, drawing,

Teacher s Page

Autumn -

The students will have the opportunity to read, listen to, sing about and dance to  the topic of the four seasons. 

They will review some phrases.

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