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Arabic alphabet song

Introduction to the Arabic alphabet.

Listen to the song several times. Can you sing along with the girl on any of the letters? Which letters are the hardest to pronounce? Why do you think they sing three different vowel sounds on every letter?

Watch also the two other alfabeth song by pressing the green buttons below/above. In "Another alfabeth song", can you recognize any of the men in the video? What does this tell you about the makers of the video?

INFO: The Arabic alphabet consists of 28 letters, which are all consonants. Three of these letters may function as vowels as well. Arabic is written from right to left and most of the letters are joined together (cursive script). The letters shown in this video are all written in their isolated form; that is, in their non-connected form. Read more about the Arabic alfabeth by pressing the green button "Read more about the Arabic alfabeth"


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