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This is a Clilstore unit. You can link all words to dictionaries.

2nd Euclid Theorem


How is the 2nd Euclid Theorem demonstrated?

Can you apply it?

And ... WHO was Euclid?




Here you can see


  1. the demonstration,
  2. the application
  3. ... and a bit of history


of this Theorem


Learn its history

Understand the demonstration

Apply in exercises




  1. First of all press the botton TRIANGLE'S NAMES
  2. Euclid history: press the botton HISTORY below
  3. With your class mate press the botton demonstration and explain each other every step, then control with the app pressing the botton demonstration exercise
  4. Write on the tablet EUCLIDE your doubts and try to help other groups
  5. Press the botton VIDEO and answer to the questions when it is asked to.
  6. Copy the MAP and change or add in your group. Send a copy to the teacher.



Control the checklist "CHECK"
The assessment will be by "MARKS"


At the end of this unit the student know how the Theorem was demonstrated, how to apply it and a bit of history.

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