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Airport: Personal profile – Julian

We must all help all we can and tell everything we think of and know for sure. We must think and plan. This is not fun but it is crucial that we reach the airport, because we have only got money left for petrol and if we do not reach the airport we will have to buy new tickets, which we cannot afford.

We have 34 hours to reach the airport and we have already been driving for nine hours, so I have made a diary to make it easier for us. In one column I will write down all the square numbers to keep track of them and in another column I will keep track of the petrol stations.

The list might help us to make decisions along the way. Every hour we have four choices. Each hour we can go north, south, east or west. Each hour we can drive straight on, go back or go sideways. But we have to discuss everything single move. I am not sure which way to go now.

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