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Airport: Personal profile – Andrew

We must find a petrol station, but we must plan this carefully and not make any mistakes. We must make a plan of our movements.

We can go north, south, east, or west. We can drive to the right, or left. We can drive back the way we came if we need it.

Fortunately, we have found out that there are signs 80 km before each petrol station and also when we get close to the airport.

We have no proper map of the area. But I have drawn a map with us and the petrol station located in the middle. I have given this square number 1. One square equals one hour of travel. I have also numbered the squares to the north, south, east and west. No number is better than any other, i.e., any number will do. We do know that there is no petrol station in sight from this square, but when we have made move, a sign might turn up.

Which direction should we take? I think we may as well go east. Oh no, wait, we have not been driving in a westerly direction yet. We should try that.

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