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Airport: Personal profile – Sean

I am familiar with areas like this and I know that this will not be easy.

We have food and water, so that is no problem, but we cannot bring extra fuel and that is a problem.

We have to reach the airport in time. The car has a 40 litre fuel tank and we know that we can drive 4 hours on at full tank at an average speed. But we need to find another petrol station again to fill up the car otherwise we are lost and will not reach our plane.

It is now 8 o’clock in the morning and we have 34 hours left to reach the airport. Will we get there in time?

We have food enough, but will we be able to find petrol stations on the way? Which way should we go? We do not really know if it is north, south, east or west?

It is important that we work together and help each other out and tell everything we know.

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