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Airport: Personal profile – Michael

We are on an adventure holiday in Asia on our own, without a guide.

We are driving in a rented car. It is an old Landrover, which drives only 8 kilometres per litre at an average speed of 80 km/h. It is not permitted to drive faster on the roads here.

We are on our way to the airport. We have not got much time left and we need to fill up the car with fuel more than once to reach the airport.

We do not know where the petrol stations are and there are not many people in this area and they all speak a language which we do not understand. So, we are on our own.

We are now at a petrol station and we must move on and make sure that we can fill up the car on the way to the airport without wasting too much time.

If we do not reach the airport in time it is because we have not been careful enough in planning the route or have taken unnecessary risks.

To be successful, we must share knowledge and have a good strategy

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