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class 3 - Project: My Grandma's/Grandpa's town.

Project: My Grandma's/Grandpa's town



Talk to your Grandma or Grandpa. Ask them about their town, when they were children.



1. Where did you live when you were a child?

2. Was there a cinema in your town?

3. Was there a theatre in your town?

4. Were there many cars in the streets?

5. Were the streets noisy or were they quiet?

6. Were there any shopping centres in your town?

7. Were there any libraries / swimming pools / ...............(or anything else you want to ask about) in your town?


Now, when you know the answers...


1.Draw your Grandma's / Grandpa's town.



2.Write the year and the name of the town.



Gdańsk  1945



3. Write about your Grandma's / Grandpa's town. 

(minimum 6 sentences)


This is my Grandma's / Grandpa's town .... years ago.

There were.....

There weren't....

The streets were...



4. Hand your work to your teacher before 21st of May.


Miss Agnes :)


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