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Class 3- Smart kids at the cinema.

Zapisz w zeszycie temat i datę. 



Topic: Smart kids at the cinema.




  1.  Look at picture 1. Where are they?
  2.  Look at picture 2. Where are they?
  3.  Look at picture 3. Where are they? What are they doing?



Greg, Anna and their friend Emma go to the ____________.

When they go home Anna's mum asks about the __________.

Greg says that the film was _______________.

Anna's dad says that it was _______________.

Emma says that the film was ______________.

Anna is eating _____________. 

Anna says that it was _________.

Mum thinks that Anna is talking about the film.  It is funny and they are all laughing.




  1. Where were the children yesterday afternoon?
  2. Was the film boring?
  3. Was the film funny?


  1. Where was he yesterday?
  2. Was the food delicious?


  1. Where were they yesterday evening?
  2. Was the film scary?


  1. Where was she yesterday afternoon?
  2. Was it good?


Good job!

Miss Agnes :)


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