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Once upon a time, in a little village...


- Hello, I'm new here. 

- Hello there. What's your name? I'm Marti. 

- My name is Fred. Are you from here?

- Yes, I am. What do you need?

- I don't know the village. Could you answer me some questions? 

- Sure!

- Are there museums here?

- No, there aren't. But there is a big cinema where you can spend your morning. 

- Oh, thanks. And is there a train station to travel to the city?

- Yes, there is. It's near by. You have to go straight and you will see it. 

- Cool! And the last question... is there a hospital here?

- Yes, there is. Don't worry, you are safe here. 

- Okay, thanks for your help. See you!

- See you! Have a nice day!



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