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Once upon a time I was in the park with my mum when suddenly a strange man appeared... 

I don't know where he came from but he surprised me and my mum.

- "Mum, I'm very afraid", I said.

-"Why?", said my mum. 

- "This man is very strange. He is very tall and slim and he is very old", I said.

- "Don't worry Max. He didn't do anything to us", said my mum. 

Then, we continued doing our sandcastle. 

We were having fun when the strange man came to me:

- "Hello kid. What's your name? I'm Wask, I come here everyday to feed the ducks. I like football", said the man. 

- "Hi. I'm Max. I like gymnastics.", I said very afraid.

- "Would you like to feed the ducks with me?", said the man. 

- "Okay", I said. 

After ten minutes, we were playing all together when I told him:

- "Before I was afraid, but now I'm happy I met you because you are very friendly and fun", I said.

- "Thanks. If you want, you can come to play football with me another day or we can do gymnastics", said the man. 


After all, they were friends for ever and Max learned to not judge others before knowing them. 


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