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Уважаемые студенты! В процессе чтения вам могут встретиться незнакомые слова. Вы их можете посмотреть ЗДЕСЬ, в словаре, всего лишь кликнув на незнакомое слово.

Read the text and say what engineering is.

The concept of engineering has existed since time immemorial when humans made such fundamental inventions as the wheel, the axe, the boat, glass, magnetism and many others. Each of the inventions is consistent with the modern definition of engineering exploiting basic mechanical principles to develop useful tools and objects. So nowadays engineering is a large field which deals with problem-solving process for the good of humanity. It means that engineering is not only the art of designing, constructing, or using tools and machines but the profession of applying scientific principles to the design, construction and maintenance of tools and machines.

Originally there were only two fields of engineering: military engineering aimed at building military fortifications and communications and civil engineering aimed at building bridges, roads, dams, harbours, temples, aqueducts and other structures. All fields of engineering today evolved from civil engineering and the evolution of each field is dictated by societal needs for transport, energy, water, health, communication and security. 

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