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Favourite Matching Outfits for the Whole Family | Happy Grey Lucky

Today I will introduce part of my family.

They are: my uncle, my auntie and my two cousins. They are a little bit messy. They wear the clothes in a strange parts of their body. They are always going shopping and choosing colourful and rare clothes.

First, my uncle Carlos. He is wearing a blue t-shirt on their feet and black shocks on their hands. He says it's very comfy and at the same time, they are very warm to go skiing ⛷. 

Secondly, my antie Martina. She is wearing a pink jumper on their head and a yellow skirt in one of her legs. She says it's trendy and fabulous. All her friends are doing the same and she's very happy. 

Later, my cousin Lisa. She is wearing a purple dress as a skirt. She says it's normal and quite cool to play tennis.

The last member is my cousin Max. He is wearing a grey t-shirt on his neck and colourful shoes on his hands. He says he loves it to play basketball. He can get the ball easily.

They are my strange but lovely family. What do you think?


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