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Today it's monday. I hate waking up in the morning early to go to school. 

At nine o'clock I go to school. It's very windy and cold, so I decide to get my jacket and scarf. 

We are in autumn and it's dark when I arrive there. 

At 12 o'clock we have lunch and later, we spend time in the playground. I love it!

But today something happened... 

My teacher was ill and a new one came to our class. At the beginning, I was sad but I changed my mood quickly when I met Sarah, our new teacher. She started the class with a game, we made a science experiment and we created our own english project. 

I was so happy! The day ended great. At half past six I arrived home and I told everything to my mum. 

I was so excited to come back to school next day!

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