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school on air

I didn’t go to school until I was twelve years old. Before that, I studied at home with my brother and sister. We lived on a sheep station ( a very big farm) in the Australian Outback, and there wasn’t a school for two hundred kilometers. We studied with the School of the Air, where we learnt by radio from home. Our classroom was the dining room and we had lessons for five or six hours every day. We talked to the teacher and other students by radio. My favourite subjects were History and Science. I didn’t like Maths. I wasn’t very good at it. We spent half an hour every day on the radio. Then we read books and we wrote essays and things like that. We sent the essays to the school centre in Alice Springs. The teacher marked them and sent them back . The teacher came to see us once a year , too. (These days, of course, they use the Internet a lot , but we didn’t have computers when I was a child.) When I was twelve , my parents sent me to a boarding school in Brisbane. That was very different. I was with a lot of other students and we lived at the school. I only came home on the school holidays. Brisbane is a big city, too, and it’s near the sea. I missed my family at first , and I cried on my first day there, but after that I really enjoyed it.


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