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This is a Clilstore unit. You can link all words to dictionaries.

My first application with App Inventor


This unit consists of 5 lessons. In each lesson we will do different activities.

You must be attentive to your teacher and carry out the activities as she tells you




Let's discover App Inventor! Watch the following video and do the activities.


Activity 1. Listen to the video and complete the following text:


Hi! I'm Nick. And I'm Tiandra. And we're ******** here at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
Since coming to college we realized that although high school prepared us for math, *******, and science, it hadn't really taught us anything about a skill that's becoming increasingly important - ***********.
In fact, most middle and high schools don't offer ******** ******* classes at all, so a team here at MIT Center for Mobile Learning created a tool called MIT App ******** that allows people of all ages and all levels of coding experience to learn the basics of ***********.
App Inventor features a *********** programming interface that allows anybody to create ****** apps for ******* devices.
Hi, I'm Shay Pokress and I'm the Director of Education for MIT App Inventor. Traditional programming can be kind of intimidating because people often think of "Oh, it's black and white text on the screen" and "I don't know what program do I want to program in" and there are all these ******** and it can be hard to get started. But *** ******** lets you get right to the logic of programming.
Oh, hey, Matt, how you doing? Hey, how's it going, Matt? Good to see you.
Oh, she's gonna click on Button1.
Right, so first what you're gonna do is you're going to click ********.
****** ******* are everywhere and the discovery that you can customize that for yourself is pretty remarkable. When someone takes a ******* it says "Congratulations, you're beautiful."
And then "Congratulations, you are beautiful." Yeah.
Today in our pockets we carry around more computing power than **** used to put a man on the moon. And now you can harness that power using MIT App Inventor.
Don't know how to get started?
***** on the link below to create your ***** ***.
There are tons of tutorials that you can access across the web made by people from all over the world. App Inventor is **** and open to all, so check it out online and begin personalizing your mobile **********.
Happy inventing!


Activity 2. Let's have a short debate about this! You can correct the activity by watching the transcription of the video.



How to make my first application with App Inventor?

Watch the following video and do the activities.

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