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One day in Hannah's house...

- Dad, my friend Finn is coming for lunch today at one o’clock! Hannah said.

- What would he like for lunch? Does he like sausages and ketchup?, asked her dad.

- No, he doesn’t! He doesn’t like sausages, but he likes ketchup!, said Hannah.

- Ok. I’ve got some lovely chicken and spinach. Does he like it?, asked daddy.

- Oh no, he doesn't like chicken or SPINACH!, said Hannah. 

- Oh dear! Fussy Max... Does he like tuna, mayonnaise and lettuce sandwiches?, asked her dad. 

- No, he doesn't... and it's one o'clock. Hannah said.

- Oh dear... said daddy. 

Then, Max rang the bell. 

- Hi Max! How are you? asked Hannah. 

- Hi Hannah! I'm very hungry. What's for lunch? Have you got any pizza?, asked Max.

Suddenly, Hannah's dad had an idea... He will make a special pizza. 

- Here you are Max. Pizza with sausages, chicken, spinach, tuna and mayonnaise. Enjoy it! said Hannah's daddy. 

- Mmm, pizza! I love pizza! said Max. 

- But Finn... you don’t like sausages, tuna, chicken or cheese, or spinach, or onions or tomatoes! said Hannah. 

- Yes, Hannah, but I like everything on pizza! said Max. 

- Does he like pizza? Yes, he does! Ha, ha! said daddy. 


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