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This is a Clilstore unit. You can link all words to dictionaries.

Smart kids are playing tag.

Zapisz w zeszycie temat i datę. 

                                                                                          Date: ... th of ...                       

Topic: Smart kids are playing tag.

Today is ...


Workbook ex.2 p. 76


Student's Book, Sing a song 10, p. 95



Where are the children?

What are the children doing?






  1. Is she playing hide and seek?
  2. Is he playing football?
  3. Is he skipping?
  4. Is she playing tag?

Look at cut-outs 10, Student's Book p.135

One of the students chooses his/her name in this game(Ben / Ann / Nick / Kim / Bill / Sue / Sam / Jil  / May) and says: Guess my name!

Other students ask questions and try to guess the name.

Are you...?


 Are you ....a boy?  / a girl?                                                            Yes, I am.  

Are you ....playing with a ball? / sitting? / playing tag?      →

Are you wearing..... a skirt? / shorts? / trosers?                             No, I am not.


ex.1 p.80

Read "What are you doing, Tom?"

Find Tom.

What is Tom doing?


ex.2 p.80




Good job!

Miss Agnes :)


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