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This is a Clilstore unit. You can link all words to dictionaries.

Lions are strong, but tigers are stronger.

Zapisz w zeszycie temat i datę. 

                                                                                          Date:1st of June                       

Topic: Lions are strong, but tigers are stronger.



1.Look at the pictures of animals, identify and name them out loud.


2.Which of these animals are 






Możesz puścić nagranie z płyty CD (na początku roku szkolnego wszyscy uczniowie zabrali do domu płyty CD, które otrzymali do podręcznika Get Smart 3 Plus)




1. Hippos are big. Elephants are big.

Which of these animals are bigger?

Elephants are bigger than hippos.


2. Horses are fast. Cheetahs are fast.

Cheetahs are faster than horses.


3. mice / cats

Which of these animals are smaller?


Which of these animals are taller?





___________ are faster than ______________



___________ are bigger than ___________



___________ are smaller than ___________


big - bigger                    tall - taller

fat - fatter                      strong - stronger

hot - hotter                   fast -  faster

thin - thinner                 small - smaller       





Justunka   _9_                Hania   _9_                             Pola __


Berka _9_                       Ida  _9_                                   Miki _9_


Maciek _10_                    Janek  _9_                               Alek _10_


Miss Agnes 37



old, young


__Miss agnes_____is older than ________students from class 3a_________________.

__Students from 3a____ are younger than _______Miss Agnes_______________.


Write 2 sentences about your friends and 1 or 2 sentences about yourself.

___________is older than ________

__________  is younger than ______


I am older than ............

I am youner than ............



Good job!

Miss Agnes :)


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