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This is a Clilstore unit. You can link all words to dictionaries.

Revision 9. I went on holiday.

                                                              Date: 29th of May


Topic: Revision 9. I went on holiday.




Yes, they did. /  No they didn't.


1.Did they make omelettes?

Did they make sandwiches?


Write in your workbook:    They didn't ...

                                          They ......


2. Did she see a snake?

Did she see a shark?


3. Did he buy postcards?

Did he take pictures?




Read the sentences.

Write: T = v (for true sentences), F=x (for the false sentences)




What did you do on your last holiday? Look and tick.


Ask and answer:

Did you...?

Yes, I did. /No, I didn't.


Find two friends who... Write their names.


Say the past tense of the verbs in ex.3 p.94


Student's Book ex.3 p.94- Write the words. Check and correct the spelling. Close your book :)

Workbook p.75 - Now I can


Check and correct your last work:

---> answers Workbook ex.1 p.74 (załącznik)

---> answers Student's Book ex.1 p.94(załącznik)



Great job!

Miss Agnes :)


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