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Revision 9. Clothes. - Gr 2

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Topic: Revision 9. Clothes

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Look at page 72 in your workbook.


Answer the questions:

1. What is Mel wearing?

2. What is Kay wearing?

3. Whose T-shirt is this

4. Whose T-shirt is this?   

5. Whose shorts are these

6. Who is wearing glasses?

7. Who is wearing trainers?

8. Who is wearing a scarf?

9. Who is wearing a dress?


1.Mel is wearing pyjamas. / Mel is wearing mint green pyjamas. / He is wearing pyjamas. / Mel is wearing mint green pyjamas.


2. Kay is wearing a yellow dress.


3. It is Ken's. / This is Ken's T-shirt.


4. It is Sue's. / This is Sue's T-shirt.


5. They are Ken's. / These are Ken's shorts.


6.Ken is wearing glasses.


7.Ken is wearing trainers.


8. Sue is wearing a scarf.


9. Kay is wearing a dress.



Picture A                                                                     Picture B

1. She is wearing an orange hat.                            Is she wearing an orange hat?

                                                                                  No, she isn't.

                                                                                  She is wearing a yellow hat.




Good job!

Miss Agnes :)

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