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Story time: Whose jacket is this?

                                                              Date: 27th of May


Topic: Whose jacket is this?

Today is...


Look at the story picturesAnswer the questions.


picture 1 

Where are the children?

What is on the bed? What are they looking at?


 picture 2 

What is John holding in his hand?


 picture 3

What is the girl wearing?

What is in the pocket?


Na początku roku szkolnego wszyscy uczniowie zabrali do domu płyty CD, które otrzymali do podręcznika Get Smart 2 Plus- na płycie znajduje się nagranie audio do historyjki


boy's Mum-


the boy-

the girl-


Ann's Mum-

Whose jacket is Anna wearing?

What is wrong with the jacket?

Whose are the glasses?



Look at page 72 in your workbook.

Answer the questions:

1. What is Mel wearing?

2. What is Kay wearing?

3. Whose T-shirt is this?

4. Whose T-shirt is this?   

5. Whose shorts are these?

6. Who is wearing glasses?

7. Who is wearing trainers?

8. Who is wearing a scarf?

9. Who is wearing a dress?

He is wearing... 

She is wearing... 

Ken is wearing...

Sue is wearing...

It is ...'s. 

They are ...'s.


Write the answers in your notebook.


Great job!

Miss Agnes :)


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