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Story time: The cub.

                                                              Date: 27th of May


Topic: Story time: The cub



Look at the story pictures.

Norman nd Lisa went on winter holiday.

Look at their photos and answer the questions.


picture 1 

What was the weather like?

What did Norman do?

What did Lisa do?


 picture 2 

What did they find in the mountains?

What did they see in the dark??


 picture 3

What was in the cave?


 picture 4,  picture 5

Where did they go with the cub?


 picture 6,  picture 7

Did they take the cub back  to the cave?

What did they wait for?


Na początku roku szkolnego wszyscy uczniowie zabrali do domu płyty CD, które otrzymali do podręcznika Get Smart 2 Plus- na płycie znajduje się nagranie audio do historyjki





The Vet-


Correct the sentences.

  1. Norman and Lisa went on summer holiday.    Norman and Lisa didn't go on summer holiday. They went on winter holiday.
  2. They found a puppy (young dog).                ___________________________________________________________
  3. They went to the dentist.                              ___________________________________________________________
  4. They saw a monster in the cave.                 ___________________________________________________________
  5. Father bear came in the end.                       ___________________________________________________________




Workbook ex.1 p.74

Student's Book ex.1 p.94


Great job!

Miss Agnes :)



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