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This is a Clilstore unit. You can link all words to dictionaries.

Did Katie swim?

Zapisz w zeszycie temat i datę. 

                                                                                          Date: 25th of May                       

Topic: Did Katie swim?


go --------went                              catch-----------------caught

have -----had                               make-----------------made

take ------took                             eat -------------------- ate

swim -----swam                           see---------------------saw     





Read  the text out loud.



1.Did Katie swim?

Yes, she did.   /   No, she didn't.


2.Did Katie find a shell?

Yes, she did.   /   No, she didn't.


3.Did Katie see a shark?





4. Did Katie and her mum look at the stars?




5. Did they buy postcards?




Homework- Workbook p. 71 ex.3


Good job!

Miss Agnes :)


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