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This is a Clilstore unit. You can link all words to dictionaries.

Katie's diary.

Zapisz w zeszycie temat i datę. 

                                                                                          Date: 20th of May                       

Topic: Katie's diary.


go --------went                              catch-----------------caught

have -----had                               make-----------------made

take ------took                             eat -------------------- ate

swim -----swam                           see---------------------saw     





Katie swam in the sea.   

____Katie DIDN'T SWIM in the sea._____


 She saw a shark.

____She __ DIDN'T SEE A SHARK._______ 


    • Activity 2 p.89 (Student's Book)


    • Notebook: Correct the sentences:

1. Katie went to the forest.

___She didn't go to th forest._____  

__She went to the beach._______

2.She found a postcard.



3.She saw a shark.



4. She bought some new clothes. 



5. In the evening she looked at the clouds.






 praca indywidualna 

ex. 2 p. 69 Workbook

ex. 2 p.70 Workbook


Good job!

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