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This is a Clilstore unit. You can link all words to dictionaries.

A short film on archaeological findings

For this lesson, I'd like you to work on a short video.


1) Before you watch the video, there is a short matching task for you (see "matching task 1" below).


2) That will give you 5 pairs of words - they come from the video. Before you watch it, try to guess what it is going to be about: be specific - as specific as possible.

3) Speaking task (optional): use your imagination and - departing from the vocabulary - come up with a scenario, real or imaginary and share your ideas with your classmates.


4) Watch the video (see "short video" below).


A question for you: Would you like to visit this place? Why? Why not? If so, which time of the year would it be ideal for you to visit and why?


Also, a few things to think about and share your ideas with your classmates:

x something beautiful in the film

x something frightening in the film

x something you don't understand or would like to find out more about 

x something you would like to ask any of the people you see or hear about

x something - anything - this video reminds you of 


5) After sharing those ideas, go back to the video and listen more carefully: I'd like you to find and note down 7 differences between the audio and the subtitles. Also, decide if there is an important difference in the meaning of the two versions in each of these seven cases.

6) Finally, I have another matching task for you (see "matching task 2" below). After you have found the right solution, prepare to explain the meaning of these words.


7a) Extensive listening - listening for pleasure: if you are interested in this topic, there is a second video you might want to watch (see "long video" below) - with or without the auto-generated subtitles (see "settings").

7b) Extensive reading - reading for pleasure: if you are interested in this topic, read about Iona (see "read about Iona" below)


8) Share something about another culture that relates to this topic.

Clilstore matching task 1short videomatching task 2long videoread about Iona

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