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Smart kids - Greg and Anna went to the forest.

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                                                                                          Date:19th of May                       

Topic: Smart kids - Greg and Anna went to the forest.





Anna and Greg went to the forest with Greg' s dad.


Watch the story.

Look at the pictures and answer the questions.


1.Where did Anna and Greg go at the weekend?

Picture 2

2.What did Greg do?

3.What did Anna do?

Picture 3

4. What did Greg's dad do?

5. What did they eat for lunch?

Picture 4

6. What did Greg and Anna do?


1. Greg and Anna ____________ to the forest.

2. Greg ________ a fish.

3. Anna ___________ in the river.

4. Greg's dad ___________ a fire and ____________ the fish.

5. They_______ fish for lunch.

6.Greg and Anna_____________ flowers and they ___________ a lot of bees.



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Good job!

Miss Agnes :)


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