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Project: A day in a life of a waiter

                                                                                                                                          Date: 06.05.2020                                                           




A day in the life of  .................... ( a waiter, a doctor, a student, an artist, an office worker,...)


1. Draw activities that someone you know does every day (minimun 3 pictures)

2. Colour in your drawings

3. Draw clocks showing what time he / she does each activity.   

4. Write about the person. Describe his / her day. Answer the questions


What is his / her name?

What does he /she do?

Where does he /she work?

What time does he/ she get up?   /   What time does he / she do to work?   / What time does ... ?


5. Send your work to your teacher before 18th of May.


Great job!

Miss Agnes 


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