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CLIL practice_Electricity and Energy Saving

Teacher: Today is special day, because we are going to talk about electricity. Have a look of this video players.

Video: Where does electricity come from our team? Electricity comes from a power plant. (music) Electricity is a form of energy.

Teacher: Okay, now it's time to check the vocabulary. Do you know the game memory?

Student: So, Ricardo, have you got fan?

Student: No, I haven't.

Student: Teddy got a microwave oven.

Student: Yes, I have.

Teacher: What do you use electricity for?

Student: Washing machine.

Student: Drill.

Student: Radio.

Student: Toaster.

Student: Fridge.

Student: Stove.

Teacher: Communication, power and motion, light and heating and cooling.


Teacher: How much that is consumed?

Student: Three hundred watts.

Student: One hundred and fifty watts.

Student: I think twenty-five.

Teacher: How mush electricity do we consume at home? This is. We have to calculate the daily consumption and monthly consumption. And sometimes, we waste a lot of electricity. This is a good game. Don’t switch off the light when you leave a room.

Students: Waster.

Teacher: So I have to change all of this with this. What do you think?

Students: Saver.



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