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Sandy wreaks havoc in U.S. News at 10

Your task is to prepare a 5 minutes news broadcast to be sent live at 10 o’ clock a.m.

Before collecting and selecting the news for the broadcast you must decide on an editorial line for your broadcasting company. E.g. is it a youth based program, a music based program, or perhaps a sports based program? The editorial line must be stated in writing before you proceed to finding the news.

You may use the Internet for finding and selecting news, but it is also acceptable to use what you personally know has happened, as long as the news is real and not invented!

In your news broadcast you may also include interviews (i.e. you may interview one another) but everything must be sent live!

You are not allowed to read from printouts, you should rephrase the news and use keywords to remember what to say. This way the news will sound more interesting and live to your listeners

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