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Answer Key to Comino Cloze passage.

Answer Key

Comino can be found between the islands of Malta and Gozo.

Comino's main attraction is the Blue Lagoon.

Comino has one hotel for those who want to spend a quiet holiday.

Most people go to Comino to swim in the sea, or take a boat ride  to the caves.

Others go for a walk to take photos of the island.



The only difference between these two chairs is the colour. One is brown and the other is white.
Mary sat between her father and mother. 
Between Can Be Used with More Than Two Things. For example: Share the sweets between Peter, Paul, Fred, and Dan.
The main attraction in Paris is the Eiffel Tower.
The main attraction at the party were the fireworks.
What is the main attraction in your town / country?
Some people like to spend their holidays in the mountains.
I need to spend more time to learn English.
I spend a lot of money on clothes.
Did you ever go on a boat ride?
I can ride a horse but I cannot ride a bicycle.
I walk (verb) to work everyday, but during the weekend I like to go for a walk (noun) in the forest.
I need to go for a walk (noun) to get some exercise.
I'll take the car. I don't want to walk (verb) in the rain.
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  1. Multidict Exercise.
  2. Whilst Comino is an obvious paradise for swimmers and divers, it is also a nature reserve. It has unfortunately also served as a prison, quarantine camp, pig farm and miltary garrison in the past.
  3. Comino has a population of only three residents, following the death of the fourth resident in 2017.  The local authority for Comino is Għajnsielem, in southeastern Gozo. One priest and one policeman commute from the nearby island of Gozo.
  4. There are three main beaches: The Blue Lagoon, Santa Marija Bay and San Nikolaw Bay. The Crystal Lagoon is also popular with swimmers. The Maltese name for the Blue Lagoon is Bejn il-Kmiemen, literally "Between the Cominos".
  5. One of the original herbs of the island is cumin although wild thyme seems to have taken over most of the island.
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