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COOL - Il-Quccija






It is very common for parents to invite family and friends to their home  to celebrate a child's first birthday.However, in Malta that first birthday is given a new meaning. In this unit we will be exploring what happens on this special day.

Task 1

Have a look at the words listed here. Which things do you think are not related to a child's first birthday? Now go to the reading section from the green button entitled Reading to find out if the Maltese have the same ideas as yourself or not.

Task 2

The Quccija dates back to the 18th century. The items used have a special meaning. Go back to the reading section. Look at the list of items. What does each item signify? Now go to Activity 1 below to find out if you are right.


Il-Quccija is a very popular cermony that parents still organise today, but the reason for it is different of course. Today it is just a little bit of fun.

  • How do people celebrate birthdays in your country?
  • Are there any birthdays which are more special than others?




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